Theme Weekends

Oct. 10 - 13

Oct. 17 - 20

Oct. 24 - 27

Oct. 30 - Nov. 1st

Sept. 26 - 29

Oct. 3 - 6

Welcome to the Festival of Souls 2013 Haunted Attraction




Attraction Hours

Thursday & Sunday 7:30pm to 12am
Friday & Saturday 7:30pm to 1am


Attractions Open Rain or Shine

We have

  • Covered Lines

  • Covered Parking

  • Covered Garages

  • Covered Valet

  • Covered Attractions

Week of Halloween

Wed. 7pm to 12am

Thursday 7pm to 1am - Halloween Night

Friday 7pm to 12am


Ticket Window Hours
7pm-11:30pm Thursday and Sunday

7pm - 12:30pm Friday and Saturday


Attraction stays open till the  last Victim

is served

The 2nd Annual Festival of Souls has arrived and we are open Thursdays - Sundays!


This event is sure to be this year's Premier Halloween Event in South Florida, again, Serving over 17,000 victims in 2012. 

The Festival of Souls is a 23 day Halloween attraction featuring TWO Haunted Houses over 20,000 Sq. ft. so frightening it WILL test your courage and have you running for your life. Our New Attraction is PitchBlack The Maze - Can you keep your head as you make your way through a labyrinth of demons and creatures of the night in Pitch Drakness? Find out, but beware --- there's no turning back once you enter South Florida's most horrifying haunted houses.

The FESTIVAL'S Main Attractions are: The Demon Mansion and Pitch Black the Maze which are included in one ticket price.


Additional Attractions:  The Live Zombie Shooting Range and Dunk a Zombie


Survive and enjoy night after night of phantasmagorical music straight from the Festival of Soul's Resident Evil DJ and Guest DJs. Get lost in the otherworldly beats that will not only excite, but electrify your senses.


21+ Will be able to enjoy 3 full bars around the property and dance the night away.


In 2013, Your Suffering will be Legendary!



For info call: 1-855-666-SOULS   (7685)